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Do you know what you need to apply for disability benefits?

If you are unable to work due to a medical condition or serious injury, you could qualify for financial support from the Social Security Administration. However, actually getting these benefits is not an easy process, and many Ohio applicants find themselves disappointed to learn their application came back denied.

Will your SSD application be denied?

As your health continued to deteriorate, you may have found yourself unable to do the tasks you had done in the past. This included your daily household chores, but it may have been more evident at work. If performing your duties, being on your feet or trying to get through the workday without rest became impossible, you may have had no choice but to leave your job. Now you have growing concerns about your continued ability to earn a living.

What happens if my disability claim comes back denied?

When you are unable to work due to a disabling medical condition or illness, you know how difficult it can be to simply support yourself and your Ohio family financially. While you may know that you could be eligible for financial support through Social Security Disability benefits, you may not know how to actually go about securing that support.

Arthritis: A real reason to seek disability benefits

When you have a medical condition that prevents you from working, it can have a devastating financial impact on you and your family. Disabled individuals in Ohio have the right to seek benefits through the Social Security Administration, but in some cases, it can be quite difficult to actually secure this financial support for illnesses that are unseen or have few physical, visible symptoms.

Increase your chances of approval when filing an SSD claim

Millions of people in Ohio and the rest of the United States suffer physical or mental illnesses and injuries that prevent them from working. Perhaps you're one of many who will file an SSD claim for benefits in the near future. Sadly, the Social Security Administration denies many such claims. Some, however, finally get the benefits they need after going through an often-lengthy appeals process or, in certain situations, litigation.

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