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Children's Claims Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio

Applying for Benefits On Behalf of Your Child

If you are the parent of a disabled, behaviorally challenging, or blind child, you know that there are certain obstacles that your child might face in their life. Right now, one of those obstacles may be getting the medical and educational support they need. When they are older, they may face employment difficulties.

The attorneys at Cutter Hall Karlock LLC can provide your family with the effective legal guidance you need to obtain financial support that could help your child live a stable, fulfilling life. Our law firm has a thorough knowledge of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) process for children. We use our knowledge to pursue benefits for disabled children and their parents.

Serving central Ohio, our attorneys have more than 60 years of combined experience. We take care to guide our clients through the claims-filing process as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our Approach To Children’s Claims

Our firm works with teachers, caseworkers, physicians, psychologists, and other individuals in your child’s life. These professionals can provide us with a clear understanding of the disability’s impact on your child’s development and growth. With this information, we can bring forward a strong case to secure the SSI benefits necessary for their care.

Our law firm can help if your child has a condition or disability such as:

If necessary, we can also assist in modifying your home to fit your child’s needs, and help your family find the help and services you require.

What Happens When My Child Turns 18?

When your child reaches his or her 18th birthday, the SSA will redetermine if your child is still eligible to receive SSI as an adult. We assist in such matters as well, and we can step in and challenge the government’s decision in the event of a denial.

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Social Security Disability benefits can be valuable — especially if your family is struggling to make ends meet. If you need assistance regarding SSI claims for a child, do not hesitate to call Cutter Hall Karlock LLC, or contact us online. At your first appointment, we can review your situation and explain the opportunities available to you.