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Dealing with a denied disability claim

People file for Social Security Disability as a result of various physical and mental hardships which have disrupted their lives, whether they resulted from workplace accidents or were caused by some other factor. Unfortunately, these disabilities can leave people with a wide-ranging list of challenges, such as those which are financial in nature (losing the ability to pay rent or take care of bills) or emotional (experiencing unbearable anxiety or running into marital problems due to stressors). Many people apply for SSD with the hope that these benefits will turn their lives around. Unfortunately, a lot of applicants are denied, and it is critical to handle a denied claim properly.

SSD claims are denied for many different reasons and every single applicant is in a unique position. Some people can prevent their claim from being denied by taking the correct approach to a difficult application process, but for many, it is already too late. However, there may be other options available to those whose claim has been rejected. For example, some people have been able to successfully file an appeal and gain access to the benefits that they deserve. If you decide to file an appeal, it is especially important to prepare and do everything you can to increase your chances of success.

Filing a back pain claim with the Social Security Administration

Chronic back pain can make it a struggle to get through the day, and many people seek treatment and financial assistance. Thus, many people file back pain claims with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Many middle-aged to elderly people experience lower and upper back problems, so this ailment is quite common. However, Social Security does not pay for disability benefits for lower back pain without sufficient proof of an underlying medical issue. In order to submit a claim, you need to get an examination.

Degenerative disc disease may qualify for SSD

For Ohio residents unable to work due to physical issues, Social Security disability benefits may help supplement funds needed for medical bills and daily expenses. However, there are several eligibility requirements that workers must meet before they qualify. One of the primary considerations is if the issue is on the list of medical conditions the Social Security Administration maintains and if the impairment affects the individual’s ability to continue performing the work completed in the past.

According to the SSA, disorders of the spine, including degenerative disc disease is among the issues of the musculoskeletal system covered by SSD if mobility impairment lasts for at least 12 months and leads to an inability to walk or results in pain that becomes a contributing factor to functional loss.

Investigation: SSD claims too quickly reviewed & denied

Putting together an application for Social Security Disability benefits is a lengthy, complex and sometimes painstaking process. It involves coordinating with physicians to procure medical records, filling out extensive forms and other tedious administrative tasks. But if you can no longer work due to a disability and are counting on benefits, you have little choice but to put in the time and effort.

Imagine, after putting in all that work, that your entire claim could be reviewed by a doctor in less than 12 minutes – then abruptly denied. Sadly, that is what happens in some cases, according to a recent news investigation into the ways that different states manage the doctors hired to review SSD applications.

Reviewing some other perks of disability benefits

For those who are facing financial hardships because of a physical or mental disability, Social Security Disability benefits can have a significant impact on their quality of life from a financial perspective. They may regain the ability to provide for their loved ones, pay their bills and buy food, for example. However, these are not the only reasons why Social Security Benefits can be so advantageous for those who are disabled. In this post, we will examine some of the other ways in which people in Columbus and across the state of Ohio benefit from Social Security Disability.

For starters, those who are in need of disability benefits may be suffering from an emotional point of view. They may be very stressed out and even hopeless when thinking about their future. By successfully applying for disability, these worries may go away, and they may have an easier time sleeping throughout the night. Moreover, receiving these benefits can be helpful for one's entire family. For example, those who cannot work any longer may not be able to help their children with various needs, such as buying school clothes or taking their kids to extracurricular events.

Eliminating the stigma of Social Security Disability

There are countless reasons why people push off applying for Social Security Disability, whether they are unsure if a disability or hardship they are struggling with is covered or they have too much stress and not enough free time to move forward with an application. Moreover, some people may decide not to move forward with an application because of the stigma that surrounds disability benefits. For example, they may be told by friends and family members that they do not need disability benefits or made to feel guilty for receiving such benefits.

It is essential to overcome these claims and do what is necessary to protect your future if you cannot work because of a physical or mental disability. There are many reasons why people are no longer able to work, and the consequences of these disabilities can shatter one's life. Lost wages, being unable to pay bills or buy groceries and losing sleep at night are just some of the consequences that people who find themselves in this position frequently have to struggle with.

Will I lose my Social Security disability benefits in 2034?

Is it more important to take care of the elderly or the disabled? This may very well be the question Congress is faced with by 2034 if lawmakers do not take decisive action to prevent the funding deficit the Social Security program is expected to face at this time. This will affect residents in Ohio and other states all across America who rely on Social Security benefits to take care of yourself and your families.

According to CNN, if Congress does not take action, the programs will only be able to pay out 79 percent of promised benefits to those who need it. This new figure comes from the 2018 report submitted by the Social Security and Medicare trustees and is only slightly better than last year’s estimate. The previous report predicted payments at only 77 percent of the promised amounts.

Understanding your residual functional capacity

If you are sick or injured, you may be considering your future, especially if your condition has prevented you from working or is making it increasingly difficult to do your job. Many Ohio workers in similar situations explore the option of applying for disability to help them meet their financial obligations. It is difficult to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, so it may help to understand the requirements of the Social Security Administration.

You may know that the SSA defines a disability as a diagnosed medical condition that prevents you from working for at least one year. Part of concluding if your condition prevents you from working is determining your residual functional capacity.

The potentially disabling effects of a traumatic brain injury

Suffering from a serious head injury can affect your life in many ways, including the ability to work. After a brain injury, many things can change, including cognitive function, memory, physical abilities and much more. In fact, you may find that it is impossible for you to return to work after your accident. 

Many with brain injuries may qualify for disability benefits because they cannot reenter the workforce, even after recovery. A brain injury can make it difficult, if not impossible, for a person to earn a gainful living and support his or her Ohio family. In these situations, it may be possible for that individual to seek benefits and financial support through the Social Security Administration.

Does fibromyalgia keep you from participating in your life?

Not even with all of the medical technology and advancement that has taken place in recent years, researchers and doctors still cannot pin down what causes fibromyalgia. Some believe it stems from an issue involving the brain and pain signals. Others compare it to arthritis even though it does not cause swelling, damage to your joints or redness.

As far as you are concerned, it doesn't matter what causes it. All you know is that your pain and fatigue keep you from participating in life. You find yourself exhausted, unable to remember things and moody. Considering the amount of pain you live with, who can blame you?

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