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With a Federal Appeal, Find Hope for A Denied Claim

Unfortunately, getting vital support through Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits may take much longer than expected. Repeat claim denials are frustrating, but you still have options.

An appeal at the federal level can give you a fair chance to voice your needs. At Cutter Hall Karlock LLC, we are strong advocates for people in the Columbus area who are facing hardship due to disability. Our skilled lawyers can stand up for what you deserve.

How Is A Federal Appeal Different From Other SSD Appeals?

If you have exhausted all your options with the Social Security Administration (SSA) itself, a federal appeal is a next step. In a federal SSD appeal, the Social Security Administration is no longer the decision-maker – it is your legal opponent. Instead, a judge will review how the SSA processed your claim.

Federal appeals do not involve new evidence, but they do give you an opportunity to prove to the court that your application for SSD benefits deserves reconsideration. If the judge finds that the SSA made mistakes when denying your claim, they may grant you benefits or instruct the SSA to review your claim properly.

Our attorneys know how to highlight your needs as well as the factors of your case that the SSA likely overlooked. We can help explain the full extent of your disability – and fight to assert your eligibility for benefits.

Ask Our Lawyers About Your SSD Federal Appeal

Social Security Disability benefits may be critical to paying your medical bills, keeping your home, and feeding your family. As a law firm focused on helping Ohio residents get the financial assistance they need, we understand how important it is that we fully dedicate ourselves to your case.

Filing a federal appeal may be the fresh opportunity you need to secure SSD benefits. We have decades of experience building successful cases at the federal level. Call or contact us online to speak to our accomplished attorneys at a free consultation.