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Assessing Whether You Are Eligible For SSD Benefits

Cutter Hall Karlock, LLC April 16, 2020

Learning to live with a disability will take time, mental grit and a resolve to live a successful and rewarding life despite your newfound challenges. Regardless of whether or not your disability is permanent or temporary, we understand that the financial implications of your situation may require you to seek help and support while you cannot work.

One resource you may consider is applying for Social Security Disability benefits. This option can provide you with financial support during a challenging time, but the approval of your application depends on the condition of your disability.

The process of approval

The process of having your application accepted and approved could take some time, so as soon as you suspect that you will need financial assistance and the faster you can get your application submitted, the better your chances are of receiving assistance when you need it. According to the Social Security Administration, an assessment will determine how severe your disability is, how it affects your ability to work, if there is a chance you can return to work and whether or not your condition qualifies as disabling.

Modifications and suspensions

If you are able to return to work after some time, your benefits may change to reflect the changes to your independence. When your condition is one that improves with time until you are healthy again, your benefits may terminate when you return to work. If there are changes to your benefits that you disagree with, you have the right to file an appeal.

When you understand which criteria the SSA considers when determining your eligibility for receiving SSD benefits, you may be able to strategize to give yourself the best possible chance at securing financial assistance. For more information about SSD claims, please visit our webpage.