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Can I Get SSD For Heart Failure?

Cutter Hall Karlock, LLC Oct. 14, 2020

To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you must meet some incredibly specific requirements regardless of your disability. Most people who receive a denial for benefits do so because they fail to meet the basic requirements.

It is possible to qualify for benefits if you have heart failure, but that does not mean you will qualify. You must meet the definition of disability set by the Social Security Administration and you must have enough work credits.

Definition of disability

The SSA’s definition of disability is a condition that prevents you from working for at least one year. According to the Heart Failure Society of America, the specific proof that the SSA will want to see to accept that your condition meets its criteria include documented medical evidence that shows you have a chronic heart failure diagnosis.

This documentation should also show that your symptoms are persistent and limit your ability to handle daily living activities independently. Alternatively, your documents should show that you have repeating episodes where you cannot function normally with at least three episodes of severe symptoms occurring within a 12-month period.

Work credits

SSDI is a type of insurance you earn by working. While it is a government program, it is only available to those who have earned enough credits and done so recently. You earn credits based on your earnings. The exact calculations vary depending on your age. The bottom line when it comes to work credits is that you need to have worked in the last year and earned the number of credits the SSA requires based on your age at the time you apply for SSDI.