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Do You Have To Tell The SSA When You Return To Work?

Cutter Hall Karlock, LLC Dec. 23, 2019

Once you have applied for social security disability benefits in Ohio, it may take some time before your application is approved and you are eligible to begin receiving benefits. As such, you may consider applying as soon as you anticipate the need for additional financial support.

Contrary to what you may have heard, you can return to work while simultaneously receiving social security benefits and you can do so without facing legal repercussions or losing your benefits. However, you should be aware that depending on your disability, the improvements you have been able to make and how capable you are of resuming your previously held job responsibilities, the amount of assistance you may be receiving could be modified or suspended to reflect your newfound self-sufficiency.

Additionally, your neglect to inform and update the Social Security Administration can lead to legal repercussions and cost you the chance to maintain any of your benefits at all. According to the Social Security Administration, any changes to your working conditions or capabilities should be readily disclosed if you wish to continue to receive benefits without getting in trouble. If you are required to pay for certain supportive tools or resources that allow you to do your job but were not previously needed before your disability, this should be disclosed to the SSA. Additionally, if you experience a change in pay or job function or if you have to stop working again, these changes should be brought to the attention of the SSA.

The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.