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Filing A Back Pain Claim With The Social Security Administration

Cutter Hall Karlock, LLC May 17, 2019

Chronic back pain can make it a struggle to get through the day, and many people seek treatment and financial assistance. Thus, many people file back pain claims with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Many middle-aged to elderly people experience lower and upper back problems, so this ailment is quite common. However, Social Security does not pay for disability benefits for lower back pain without sufficient proof of an underlying medical issue. In order to submit a claim, you need to get an examination.

Top factors for getting a back claim approved

The physician should conduct a thorough examination so a physical impairment, disease or injury that gives you the back pain can be documented. During an examination, a doctor often orders X-rays, MRIs or other tests to substantiate the claim. On the other hand, if the examination shows that you’re suffering back pain with no underlying problem, the SSA often will deny benefits.

Some of the typical reason the SSA will approve a claim include:

  • Spinal disorders

  • Limited range of motion

  • Unable to stoop, bend or walk reasonably well

  • Extreme symptoms from the back problems

  • Condition prevents you from living a productive life

Social Security measures your claim credibility

The SSA considers the following criteria when deciding to approve your claim or not:

  • A physician has assessed the intensity of back pain and has provided treatments, therapy or a guided rehabilitation program

  • The patient’s physical limitations of movement are significant

  • The back pain sufferer is accurately representing the intensity of back pain

Filing the claim

A person suffering from back conditions should complete SSA’s evaluation form. After they have reviewed your case, you should receive the results of the evaluation, which should indicate whether you will receive benefits. Then, if your back pain qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits, you should file a claim.