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How Can You Help Your Loved One Apply For SSD?

Cutter Hall Karlock, LLC May 1, 2020

When a person decides that they need to apply for Social Security Disability, there are a couple of different reasons why he or she may not be able to do it his or herself. It could be due to physical limitations or mental limitations.

It can be a loved one to sign, a financial advisor, a lawyer or anyone who the applicant decides can fill out the application. According to the Social Security Administration, anyone can fill out an benefits application on the applicant’s behalf.

Do you create the account?

The applicant will have to create a log in for his or her account. When this happens, the person you are helping must agree to the Terms of Service. If for some reason, the request does not go through, he or she may need to schedule an appointment by phone or in person.

Once created, it is up to you to answer all the questions in the same way that the applicant would. Now, the application will ask for information about you too. The information that you need to include is your relationship to the applicant and the organization you work for, if you do.

Are you an authorized representative?

You do not have to be an authorized representative to fill out the application on your friend or professional acquaintance’s behalf. However, if the person that help wants to appoint you as such, then you can fill out a special form to become a representative to do business for him or her.

Can you sign the application?

You do not sign the application. If you are with the person who needs benefits, then he or she should sign it. If not, then you can have the form sent to the person to sign it. It has to have the person’s verification and signature.