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Mental Disability And Your Claim For Benefits

Cutter Hall Karlock, LLC July 16, 2018

Ohio readers understand the importance of securing financial support when dealing with medical conditions that affect their ability to work. This includes mental conditions as well. If you are struggling with a disorder that impacts your ability to work and earn a living, you have the right to seek disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

Even with a valid disabling medical condition, it can be complex to secure benefits for a mental disability. If you believe you could have a valid claim to this type of financial support, you would be wise to fully understand the requirements and application process. Many individuals find it beneficial to seek support when pursuing disability benefits.

What Mental Conditions Qualify?

Mental illness can be difficult to diagnose and recognize, and in order to qualify for disability benefits for this reason, you must have a certain amount of medical documentation and validating evidence. In many cases, if you have a mental disability that significantly impacts your ability to function in everyday life, including work, you could have a claim. The SSA recognizes the following disorders as disabling conditions:

  • Mood disorders: This includes a range of conditions, such as depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder and seasonal affective disorder.

  • Anxiety disorders: These conditions include PTSD, panic disorders and certain severe phobias.

  • Schizophrenia disorders: This includes disorders that cause people to have trouble processing information and having organized thought processes.

Even if you do not have one of the above disorders does not mean you do not qualify for disability benefits. You will find it beneficial to seek a complete evaluation of your case in order to determine how you can move forward with a claim for disability benefits. Successful claims on the basis of disabling medical conditions require sufficient medical documentation, such as information about treatment, medicine and more.

Dealing with Challenges with Your Claim

Many initial applications for disability benefits come back denied. If this happens to you, it is not the end of the road. While frustrating, you can still continue to fight for the benefits you need. Through a request for reconsideration and other measures, you may still be able to obtain benefits.

If you think your mental condition qualifies you for disability benefits, you will find it helpful to seek a complete understanding of your options and rights. You can do this by reaching out for an evaluation of your case and potential disability claim.