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Signs Of Cognitive Impairment After A Car Crash

Cutter Hall Karlock, LLC
March 24, 2021

Ohio car crash victims can sustain broken bones and damage to organs that may take weeks to months to heal. However, if they experience trauma to the head, the damage could last months to years. Depending on the severity, they may have difficulty completing the routine tasks and duties required to maintain an independent life.

According to Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, cognition is the act of thinking or knowing. After a TBI, some people have difficulty learning new things. Concentrating or making everyday decisions is challenging or impossible. This is cognitive impairment.

What is the invisible injury?

The Concussion Alliance reports that nearly a third of Americans who sustain a concussion have symptoms that last beyond a typical recovery time. Most car crash injuries include visible signs, such as bruises, a cut or broken bones. A concussion, contusion or other head injuries often manifests as behavioral challenges without physical, external symptoms.

What are signs of cognitive impairment?

Depending on the severity of the brain injury, symptoms may be subtle. People who never forget appointments or a person’s name may become overwhelmed trying to remember these details. During conversations, they may ramble or lose focus. Acting impulsively and using poor judgment are signs that a person may suffer from some degree of cognitive impairment after an accident.

On the outside, people with cognitive impairment look healthy and fully capable of handling life as they did before the accident. However, a person with TBI may feel their life spiraling out of control, unable to function normally. SSDI benefits can help pay for doctor visits, recover lost wages and help them get the help needed to move forward with their life.