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Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits Is Difficult
The majority of SSD claims are denied. Our firm will help maximize your chances of success.

Cutting Through The SSD Process

The Social Security Administration is stingy when it comes to approving disability claims. They treat applicants skeptically and require an extraordinary amount of documentation. It seems, at times, that they actively look to disqualify claims.

Putting Our Experience To Work For Your

The SSD lawyers at Cutter Hall Karlock, LLC, can help. We know the process thoroughly. We know the legal framework underpinning it. We have more than 60 years assisting individuals in central and southern Ohio with their SSD claims. We are ready to support you, too.

A Personal Approach To Obtaining Benefits

We work closely with the clients we represent, and offer guidance at every step, from the initial application on through any appeals.

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Free Consultations

We will assess your case for free, so that we can inform you of your options before you

Taking Complex Cases

We have obtained successful results in complex matters that other lawyers have turned down.

Does My Condition Qualify?

In theory, the Social Security Administration considers a wide range of conditions and illnesses for disability benefits. They accept petitions from individuals suffering from physical ailments, psychological conditions and terminal illnesses.

Nevertheless, filing a successful claim is difficult. That’s why we’re here to help.